NBA 2k16 Trailer Released! Stephen Curry Takes Centerstage, High School Years To Golden State Warriors Career And Game Highlights

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Steph Curry rises to the occasion and steps out of the shadows as the new trailer for NBA 2k16 releases. As we get closer to the release of 2k16, videos and photos are slowly growing and building the hype of the new game by 2k Sports. The new trailer of NBA 2k16, titled ?Beyond the Shadows,? feature NBA MVP and champion Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

A story playing beyond the shadows, the trailer shows Curry?s climb from a recruited high school basketball player in North Carolina to a bouncing superstar at Davidson University eventually playing and becoming the superstar of the Golden State Warriors. The trailer is narrated by Spike Lee describing Curry?s hardships and challenges in becoming the NBA player he becomes. ?Going beyond the shadows cast by your height, your doubters, and every major conference school,? Spike Lee said in video. ?Until you cast your own shadows over scoring leaders,? he added.

Spike Lee is also the director of the game including the game?s MyCareer cinematic component, according to Bleacher Report. Snippets of the gameplay have been revealed in the video showing Steph Curry at the free-throw line doing his signature sticked-out mouthpiece. A three-point jump shot from Steph Curry was also seen in the video plus quick in-game footage shows the MVP doing another signature gesture tapping his chest and pointing to the sky.

Cover of NBA 2k16 includes all-star scoring machine James Harden of the Houston Rockets and first-team big man Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans. We haven?t seen any video of the two of them yet so expect other trailers to come out that will feature these NBA players.

The game is set to release on September 29 and for those who pre-ordered the game will get it 4 days in advanced.



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