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‘NBA 2K16’ Roster Update: Kobe Bryant Gets All Time Low Player Rating, Here?s Why

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With overwhelming hype for the new NBA2K16 game of 2K Sports building; info and features of the NBA players in the game are bound to come up. Ronnie 2K of 2K Sports recently revealed Kobe Bryant for NBA 2K16 which shows his overall rating of the game with 85. Unfortunately, it?s the lowest rating he has ever received in a 2K game since he was introduced in NBA 2K6.

Kobe Bryant has been playing for almost 20 seasons and everyone knows that Bryant is nearly at the end of his superstar career and will eventually stop playing soon. Kobe?s rating and performance have slowly decreased over the years and it?s no question that even 2K Sports believe Kobe Bryant?s career is slowly on the path of retirement, according to CBS Sports.

Fans of the five-time NBA champion of course didn?t take the low rating of Kobe well.

Check out The Real 2K Insider as they reveal the Black Mamba?s rating through the years:

NBA 2K15: 89

NBA 2K14: 93

NBA 2K13: 93

NBA 2K12: 94

NBA 2K11: 97

NBA 2K10: 97

NBA 2K9: 99

NBA 2K8: 98

NBA 2K7: 98

NBA 2K6: 97

While we miss the peak years of Kobe Bryant, playing him in NBA 2K16 will surely still be amazing of course. Improving players like Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson will be fun to play with. And with the addition of Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, and Brandon Bass for the start of the next season, the Los Angeles Lakers will be a jam-packed team that will surely be anyone?s favorite, shared by Lakers Nation.

It?s not easy to accept that Kobe Bryant?s rating for NBA 2K16 is really 85, but for the sake of a true and realistic NBA, it really is the appropriate number for the Black Mamba. Let?s just hope that he does better in the 2015-16 season and get another championship before closing the books.

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