NBA 2K16 Review Round-Up: Is This Year?s Most-Awaited E-Sport Game Worth Your Money?

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NBA 2K16 has already been made available for those who took advantage of the ?Early Tip-Off Weekend?, but if you?re skeptical of buying the game, there?s good news for you because a few NBA 2k16 reviews has already popped online . Here are some NBA 2K16 review from critics to help you determine if buying this year?s title is worth your time and money.

NBA 2k16 Review Round-Up

PS LifeStyle praised MyCareer mode titled Livin? Da Dream which was directed by Spike Lee. While both the story and pacing wasn?t great, watching how the story unfolded was fun to see, their review stated. They even said that Livin? Da Dream had more cutscenes than Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain.

Lazygamer, however, panned the narration of Livin? Da Dream. They criticized that players are unable to dictate what happens in the life of your player. A lack of dialogue options as well as player?s inability to change the story through their ball-game on the court detract from the narration of the game, Lazygamer assessed.

Both the movement and physics of players as well as the ball and rim movement now look natural, PS Lifestyle stated. Lazygamer praised the graphics, saying that the game looks so good that it could be broadcasted to look like a live TV experience. Meanwhile, Attack of The Fanboy believes that this year?s NBA game is the best looking sports game so far.

Here are the critics? verdict as well as the review scores per media outfit:

Attack Of The Fanboy: 4.5/5

NBA 2K16?feels more like a refinement than a revolution, but that?s ok. ?While Spike Lee?s inclusion in the game was marketed as a major selling point, it really isn?t as deep as you might think. ?Visual Concepts tightens up gameplay in this release, and?it?looks as good as it ever has. ?That combined with the introduction of fan-favorite modes and completely new offerings make NB2K16 the best 2K Basketball game we?ve seen since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched.

Lazy Gamer: 7.3/ 10

When actually playing basketball in game, or even managing how your player spends him time, NBA 2K16 is a realistic and fun experience. Unfortunately, it?s broken up far too often with online issues and Spike Lee clich?s.

PlayStation Lifestyle: 8.5/10

Pros: Just as fun on-court as ever. Awesome to include all-time great teams. Your character is named Frequency Vibrations. Enhanced presentation, Shaq?s half-time show.

Cons: Livin? Da Dream is no Do The Right Thing. So many micro-transactions. 2K Pro-AM just doesn?t work at the moment. 2K still can?t figure out servers.

Other Review Scores

A majority of critics reviewed the game on the PlayStation 4. Only the PS4 version has an average score so far. NBA 2K16 currently has a Metascore of 86 based on 4 critics. Here are the review scores of all critics so far on Metacritic:

NBA 2K16 will be officially released on September 29, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. To know more about the game, check our feature articles:

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