?NBA 2K16? Release Date And Player Ratings, New Cheats And Locker Codes For NBA 2K15 Revealed Before New Game

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Getting a high NBA 2K16 player rating seems to be a big deal for the NBA stars themselves as they can see their performance on the court be measured and quantifiable by a video game. Some players also pick their favorite NBA players based on the player ratings. Here are all the newly revealed player stats courtesy of Ronnie 2k and DesignNTrend:

Unlike last month, most of the newly announced player ratings have garnered positive feedback from the NBA players themselves. ?Blessed to be in a video game another year,? Marble tweeted. ?Thanks for the screen and rating #mean,? Morrow said on Twitter as his rating increased from last year?s 73 and NBA 2K14?s 65.

Do you think these NBA stars deserve their player stats? Let?s see soon how they stack against other player?s overall rating when more announcements come before the game?s release. Here are all the player ratings we know so far:

NBA 2K15 Bonuses

According to Franchise Herald, new cheats and locker codes will be given away for NBA 2K15 before the latest game releases this month. To receive at least 1600 worth of Virtual Currencies, users just need to type in for the locker code and cheat: ?#2K16NewsOn2KTV?. Here are all the cheats and locker codes for this month according to Franchise Herald:

  • IWATCHEDNBA2KTV “1,000 VC Points”
  • PARKSWAG “500 VC Points”
  • HEYGUYS “Get a surprise”
  • MYSTERY ‘Get a surprise”
  • PAYRESPECT “Play using ABA ball”
  • OKFORNBA2K “5,000 VC Points”
  • KEEPONPLAYIN “5,000 VC Points”
  • ASMOOTHMOVE “5,000 VC Points”
  • GIVETHATGUYAFINE “5,000 VC Points”
  • THERAINMAKER “5,000 VC Points”
  • BETWEENTHELEGS “New shoes”
  • ALLSTARMVP “Random prize”
  • THEROOFISONFIRE “Add skill Points”
  • MARCHMADNESS “6,000 VC Points”
  • RAININGTHREES “3,000 VC Points”
  • SHAQTINAFOOL “3,000 VC Points”
  • WHITEMAMBA “3,000 VC Points”

NBA 2K16 will be released on September 29, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. You can check our articles about the new Jerseys?for?the game as well as new Franchise Mode features.

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