‘NBA 2K16’ Player Ratings Released: NBA Stars Not Happy With Their Stats? New Rating Scheme Is Harsh? Anthony Davis Trailer Revealed

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NBA 2K16 Anthony Davis

NBA 2K16 Player Ratings Released: NBA Stars Not Happy With Their Stats? New Rating Scheme Is Harsh? Anthony Davis Trailer Revealed

The new player rating for NBA 2K16 has been released and while Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant will surely be delighted with his high 91 overall rating, Isiah Thomas from Boston Celtics doesn?t seem to be happy with his stats.

Getting a high player rating is a huge determinant on each player?s defensive and offensive capabilities in the basketball court and gamers will surely enjoy playing basketball players with high overall ratings and quickly sub-out those with low stats.

New Player Stats

Here are all the newly announced NBA 2K16 player ratings courtesy of ?fan-spokesperson Ronnie 2K and Design & trend:

Isiah Thomas Isn?t Happy?

Playing well in the basketball ring seems to have two-fold outcomes for the players: Winning the game for your team and improving your rating in the latest NBA game. Seeing your overall performance be measured and quantified is painful if you?re on the lower end, however, knowing that you?re playing great on the court but not see your performance translate in the game is upsetting.

While Thomas got a respectable rating of 81, the player poked-fun?about his overall rating on Twitter:

Thomas expressed discontent even as he improved from last year?s 80 overall rating in NBA 2K15. Thomas whined in 2014 that he should have received an 84 rating for?NBA 2K15, NBA reported.

Thomas is ?one of the top point guards in the league? despite being a 6th man as he averaged 19 points, 5.4 assists, and 2.1 rebounds within 21 games, Boston reported.

Hassan Whiteside

2K Sports seems to favor Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside as he got a huge boost in his player rating, improving from his NBA 2K15 rating of 59 to 81, SI reported. This is a significant increase from NBA 2K12?s 59 rating for Whiteside.

New Rating System Is Harsh?

According to Gameranx, the latest NBA game employs a new way for measuring the rating scheme.

?The new rating system compares current players vs the all time greatest players. As a result, Lebron isn?t rated 98 or 99, and is instead a 94. Subsequently, Pau Gasol is rated at 86, and Al Horford, 83.?

According to a source from Gameranx, this decision was made because 2K sport ?received feedback that players were rated too high, giving no room for progression.?

New Trailer NBA 2K16 Trailer

Following suit from Stephen Curry and James Harden?s believe trailer which released last week, we now see Anthony Davis? new trailer called ?The Rise? which him back in his high-school days until his professional career as a player for the New Orleans Pelicans.

NBA 2K16 has one more month before it releases and 2K Sports is continuously giving more details about the game every week. Just recently, 2K unloaded a megaton announcement for Franchise mode enthusiasts as they announced numerous new features for MyGM and MyLeague mode.

NBA 2K16 will release on September 29, 2015 for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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