NBA 2K16 Patch Now Available: Fix On Game Modes And Game Balance, Added Support Plus Enhanced Gameplay Revealed

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Check out the newest patch for NBA 2K16 that features some adjustments and fixes on the game modes and game balance.

The NBA 2K franchise has been dominating the sports video game scene, even outmatching EA?s Madden Football franchise in terms of popularity. And every video game released, there will be always be bugs and imbalance issues. 2K Sports has released its third patch update that featured some fixes on certain issues in the MyPark, 2K Pro-Am, MyCareer, MyCourt, MyGym and MyLeague. Be sure to have enough space on your PC or console as the patch update is roughly around 2.1 GB.

No need to download anything from other sources as the game will automatically updates itself once your launch NBA 2K16. So here is the partial list of the patch notes for version 1.03, you can check the whole listing on the 2K Sports website


  • Added support to view the uniform your opponent selects prior to starting a Play Now Online game.
  • Flip Saunders patch added to Minnesota Timberwolves uniforms.
  • A number of accuracy-based improvements have been made to classic team uniforms (07-08 Celtics, 99-00 Raptors, 05-06 Heat, etc.)
  • A number of improvements have been made with the 2KTV viewing experience. Make sure and watch the latest episode for your chance to earn some easy VC!
  • Improved the results of face scanning.
  • Primary Jersey and Primary Shorts colors are now used to determine both accessory and sock colors when using custom-built uniforms.
  • Certain materials were not properly appearing on user-edited shoes; this should be resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where users would not join the Locker Room when accepting an invite while playing in a MyCAREER game.
  • Corrected a disconnect issue that could happen when pausing and unpausing the game during online play.
  • Fixed an issue in MyTEAM where players/items from the 99-00 Blazers were returning when searching for the Timberwolves in the Auction House.


  • Resolved an issue where too much stamina would recover during timeouts (giving the effect that players never tired).
  • Finally resolved an issue where players would not sweat appropriately in longer quarter lengths.
  • Fixed a rare case where you would be unable to dismiss the quick sub menu when attempting to make a substitution.
  • Found a case where the camera would be pointing towards the crowd at the tip-off of an overtime game.
  • Corrected the Free Throw Difficulty slider, which was flipped. Make sure to update your custom sliders if you accounted for this on your end already.
  • Outdoor sound effects should no longer play in indoor environments after having previously played a MyTEAM Gauntlet game.
  • Players who have not yet had their in-game injury diagnosed will have their playable status updated once the diagnosis is complete.
  • Players who have not yet had their in-game injury diagnosed will correctly suffer from the effects of the actual injury.
  • Players who pick up short term injuries (lasting only minutes long) should now have them properly removed when the remaining duration reaches zero during a game.
  • Tuned the ?hold ball too long? event in the teammate grade logic to be a little more forgiving.
  • Fixed an issue where you could be awarded ?good foul? in your teammate grade when fouling a three-point shooter.
  • We no longer give an ?allow offensive rebound? teammate grade penalty after blocking an opponent?s shot.
  • Addressed a movement issue that would cause players to twitch while in Deny states.
  • Referees should no longer twitch during free throws.
  • Pass receivers are now less likely to veer away from the basket to catch a pass.
  • Improved CPU logic for when they should and should not use alley-oop passes.
  • Reduced the defensive impact of defenders who are on their way down after a block attempt.
  • Fixed a very rare case where a free throw shot would launch toward the wrong basket.
  • Tuned body-up system to prevent sub-par defenders from being overly effective at stopping the ball handler.
  • Fixed a frequent hitch in the dribble system seen when branching into certain dribble collisions.
  • Tightened up ?crowded? dribble launches to prevent unwanted hesitations when attempting to drive to the basket.
  • Fixed post-up double dribble and travel (pivot) issues.
  • Tuned down excessive flopping being performed by AI players.
  • Addressed the issue of ?camping? in MyPARK games by: 1) Disabling the set screen button within 6 feet of the basket, 2) Allowing users to initiate off-ball contact with screen setters near the rim, and 3) By adding offensive 3 seconds rule to half court games.
  • Fixed a case that was causing passers to stop to throw a pass in the backcourt.
  • Tuned the dribble system in order to tone down the effectiveness of behind-the-back dribble moves and ?zig-zagging? back and forth to get open.
  • Improvements made to alley-oop defense.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent some contact layups from respecting the user?s desired finish direction.
  • Reduced the frequency of unwanted contested shot fadeaways.
  • Tweaks to errant pass frequency when passing out of double teams and contact shots.
  • Made dive for loose balls more accurate and more likely to acquire the ball.
  • Swapped out ?Normal 13? jump shot pullups per community feedback.
  • Made low-rated shot blockers less accurate and capped their jumping verticals.
  • Made decisions by the CPU to steal a pass more reasonable through tuning the frequencies in certain situations.
  • Improvements to double team logic.
  • Increased the difficulty in stealing the ball from post players.
  • Improvements to logic system for when ?ankle breakers? should play and when they should not play.
  • Fixed an issue in which points would not count for shots that go in after a flagrant foul call (i.e. And-1 on flagrants).
  • Fixed a MyTEAM post move score exploit by better defining post shot scenarios.
  • Added jam ups to spin layups to prevent the offense from barreling through heavy traffic.
  • Improved CPU logic for when to hustle back in transition defense.
  • Added a pop-up overlay to let the user know when the Adaptive Coaching Engine is changing their freelance offense.
  • Adjusted freeland motion cut times and fixed an issue with swing freelance starting positions.
  • Adjusted stationary hop jumper shooting percentages to make them a more viable option on offense.
  • Tuned back the frequency of missed dunks in traffic.
  • Fixed an issue where if someone called for an icon pick and got interrupted by a stealing defender, the ball handler was previously unable to pass the ball by any means for the remainder of the possession.
  • Improvements to help defense and rotation logic.

NOTE: All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves (unless specifically noted otherwise).

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