NBA 2K16 News: Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis To Play, 2K Sports To Introduce Pro Am Mode, Big Updates Revealed

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More updates are coming out for NBA 2K16 at its release day draws near, 2K Sports reveals their plans for their Pro Am mode feature.

With the real NBA season is on a break and will resume late in October, basketball fans can also look forward with the latest feature of NBA 2K16 a month before the regular season begins.

The Pro-Am mode lets players create their own player with the use of the MyPlayer mode and then add these custom players to custom teams to participate in five-on-five basketball matches. Although it seems like an extended feature of MyPlayer mode where you can fully customize your player and modify how he moves on court, Pro-Am goes way beyond by letting you fully customize your very own team, this allows them to customize the different elements on their team, from crafting their own arenas to customizing their jerseys and even designing their very own team jerseys.

Once you manage to create your own team, you can bring that up online and challenge other players with their custom teams or play it against your friends on local multiplayer. Pro-Am mode will have 4 courts available to be used, meaning up to 40 players can participate at the same time.

Now the NBA 2K16?s Pro-Am mode can be used for more professional competitions, like in eSports, as this lets players use their own characters against other players with their own custom players, and it will have a much faster matchmaking system and leaderboards for players to compare on their stats.




Meanwhile, 2K Sports has released a new set of screenshots for the game (courtesy of Slam Online), featuring players like Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis and James Harden that are the featured on the game cover of the latest NBA 2K game. NBA 2K16 will be available on September 29 for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.



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