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NBA 2K16 News: New Uniforms, Players, And Home Court Advantage To Rock Most-Awaited Sports Video Game Of The Year

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Bringing in Spike Lee for 2k Sports NBA 2k16 was the right move as another trailer was just released for the much anticipated game for basketball fans around the world. The latest trailer gives us more glimpses of what?s to come in the next NBA game by 2k Sports which includes a whole new degree of gestures and signature moves by NBA players as well as compelling graphics for your enjoyment.

A montage of in-game highlights from the new trailer will keep you on your feet as incredible dribbling, passing, and player interactions has been taken to a whole other level. Among the four previews 2k Sports have released since their announcement of NBA 2k16, the latest gameplay trailer is probably the best. ?NBA 2k16 Gameplay Trailer: #WINNING? will have you love the game even if you?re not a basketball fan.

New Jersey?s

Some of the new features that 2k Sports also introduced in the trailer are the new jersey?s from the NBA team. Some of the jerseys included are from the Toronto Raptors, who also redesigned their home centre court logo, and the Los Angeles Clippers, who just recently changed their brand.

Sacramento basketball fans also get a sneak peek at some of the new members of the team which includes Rajon Rondo, and Marco Belinelli. On the other hand, Atlanta basketball fans get a tiny look at what may be a new home court for the Atlanta Hawks.

And at the end of the new NBA 2k16 gameplay trailer, they introduce us to a new and improved MyPlayer cutscene by showing a basketball player, sitting on a couch presumably with his family and friends sitting in front of the video camera.

?Hi everyone,? he says to the camera. ?This has been an extremely tough decision. Each school was carefully considered, but I have finally decided to choose. I have decided to go to the great university of?? If this NBA 2k16 news doesn?t get you hyped up for the release, we don?t know what will.

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