NBA 2K16 News: 2K Sports Crushes EA Game, New Patch To Fix Issues , And Watch A 30-Foot Player Decimate Foes In The Game

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NBA 2K16 is one of the biggest sports game this year. Almost every basketball fan was so hyped to play the latest game from 2K Sports that another basketball game from EA was overshadowed. EA Games? Nba Live 16 released on?the same day as NBA 2K16 and it failed so miserably that we highly doubt that another installment will be made in the future. Here are the latest NBA 2K16 News.

NBA 2K16 News

According to Destructoid, retail sales of NBA Live 16 was only at 8,000 copies compared to NBA 2K16 which sold over one million. The market of NBA Live has now shrank from around 2-3?percent in the previous years to below 1-percent this year, Pasta Padre reported. Less than 120 people play online even during peak hours, the report said.

Patch 1.02

Players on the PS4 and PC got the patch 1.02 earlier, however, Xbox users were? left-out. The wait for some bugs to be ironed-out is now over for Xbox users as the patch has been released, Realty Today reported. This patch fixes matchmaking issues including the ones involving the Pro-Am. The Pro-Am Team Play has also now been added in the game to allow players to play as a complete team in custom arenas, the report said.

Other improvements made by the patch is an inclusion of a skateboard for faster travelling in MyPark and the 2k Beats continuing to play songs after playing a game in MyPark so you won?t stop from your groove. A version 3 update which includes a far bigger fixes and additions will be released by the developers in the future, Realty Today reported.

30-Foot Guy

Ever thought to yourself how playing basketball would be like if you were as big as a t-rex? Wonder no more because a recently released video shows a custom made 30-foot-player easily blocking enemy player?s shots. This tall player, however, found it difficult to intercept passes and stop enemies from passing through his defense because they can just easily run past his legs.

NBA 2K16 is available on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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