NBA 2K10 Review Addendum #2

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I just wanted to post a note on the state of the second patch for NBA 2K10, which was released back in January. I will be discussing the XBox 360 version here, though it seems the PS3 received a similar (if not identical) patch about one week prior. While it is completely unacceptable that even one major patch had to be made by 2K Sports, it’s just ridiculous that another one is required to get the game working the way it was originally intended to, which was back at the start of October 2009.

In terms of offline play, NBA 2K10 feels a bit tighter, especially when playing defense. I’m not sure if it’s the controls being more responsive or simply some tuning has been performed, but the overall flow of each game is at a good pace. I have noticed the sliding defender issue, but that was only once out of many games. The AI doesn’t toss as many errant alley-oops as they did in the past, nor do they sit there and hold onto the ball until the shot clock nearly expires as much. Beyond that, the majority of slow-down has been fixed, though it is still present in certain situations. You’ll notice that anytime the spot-lights are on, the frame-rate generally takes a hit, whether it’s during cinematics or time-outs. I understand that using a very wide-angle camera view can bring about some slowdown as well.

Since I do not play online, I relied on the 2K Sports forums for information about online issues (as well as other offline problems). Overall, online play seems to have improved, at least in terms of connection quality and lag. However, some people are still voicing concerns over those issues. Additionally, it sounds like Crew and Pick-up games are still having problems. Online leagues appear to function properly now, or at least it seems so since I’ve noticed fewer complaints about that on the forums. In general, there are fewer complaints about online play. Is this because most people have sold their NBA 2K10 games already or because it works better? I’m not entirely sure, but the true fans would have waited for this second patch, at least.

It seems that the patch created a couple new issues, such as with big men taking unnecessary/too many three point shot attempts. I understand that turning off ‘Player Roles’ can fix this. I haven’t noticed this during my Association (which was started with fresh data), but it’s notable for those who track stats. Currently, NBA today is not functional due to some kind of server issue. This has been down for at least a week, so hopefully that will be resolved soon.

Overall, since offline gameplay is pretty smooth now and online play is at least functional and somewhat consistent, I’d say NBA 2K10 has been partially redeemed. It should not be forgotten that this game still doesn’t work flawlessly, after two mandatory patches, over three months after the game was released. 2K Sports really has to be careful, as they have angered many fans. With NBA Live getting better all the time, it’ll be interesting to see what 2K Sports does for NBA 2K11. I would like to think they will sell it at a discount or something, since their special 10th Year Anniversary Edition was/is a buggy game. This is doubtful, since 2K10 just surpassed the two million sold mark. Congratulations…but, not really..


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