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How to put your baby to sleep fast

Let your baby sleep all night long without interruptions.

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Babies will peacefully drift off to slumber with Naturepedic:

  • Organic, breathable, durable, and lightweight baby crib mattresses
  • Provide maximum comfort and safety for babies
  • Allow babies to sleep longer 
  • Reduce sweaty backs when sleeping
  • Prevent pee, stain, and dirt

One of the struggles of being a parent is putting babies to sleep. You have to spend hours calming them and stopping them from crying until they fall asleep peacefully. It doesn’t stop there, either. They might still wake up and cry again in the middle of the night, urging you to spend another hour to calm them down.

While it is normal for babies to cry every night, you must consider what makes them cry, to begin with. Are they wearing comfortable clothes or diapers? Is the mattress they’re sleeping on providing enough comfort? Since the mattress that babies use is often overlooked, Naturepedic emphasizes the importance of investing in organic baby crib mattresses. 

Naturepedic offers three types of baby crib mattresses—Classic, Breathable, and Breathable Ultra—that will quickly put your baby to sleep without disruptions or hours of crying.

The waterproof, lightweight, and durable Classic Organic Baby Crib Mattress, for one, is designed to provide long-lasting support. Instead of synthetic fabrics and foams, it’s made from the purest form of organic cotton that is free from any harmful chemicals. This mattress features an easy-to-clean organic cotton fabric with a patented LDPE water-proof coating and wave support core. It also has a firm support and a snug fit to assure the safety of your baby.

Since babies tend to cry more when they’re uncomfortable or soaked in sweat, the Breathable Organic Baby Crib Mattress releases heat more efficiently, which helps regulate temperature for less sweaty backs. It has a soft organic cotton surface and a three-dimensional polyester lattice structure. The removable layer has a waterproof backing that keeps the mattress clean and protected from pee, stain, dirt, and other messes.

The Breathable Ultra Organic Baby Crib Mattress will let your babies have the sweetest dreams. It has the same features as the Breathable Organic Baby Crib Mattress but with added comfort and safety. The breathability increases safety by allowing air to flow more freely around the baby. It has a two-stage dual firmness that provides a firmer side for babies and a medium-firm side for growing toddlers. 

Naturepedic also offers organic mattresses specifically designed for kids and adults to provide enough comfort and support for everyone.