Nathalie Emmanuel Glad That Missandei Finally Found Her Voice in Game of Thrones

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Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei, the right hand of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, is glad now that her character, a former slave, has finally found her voice. Season 6 in particular saw the amazing transition of Missandei, from being a mere translator to an empowered advisor.

In her interview with Elle, Nathalie Emmanuel, who will soon appear in Fast 8 with Vin Diesel, expressed her delight over Missandei?s transformation. One of the highlights of the season for her is when Missandei mustered the courage to voice out her opinions and when the other characters started listening to her.

?It is finding her voice. She’s very subservient, but there’s a real voice behind her now where she has opinions and really expresses them. Whereas before Daenerys liberated her that would have probably ended up with her being killed. You know, she’s really an intelligent woman and has seen a lot and has experienced things that people can’t even comprehend, and now she’s in a camp with Daenerys and she want to affect change for people like her. I think she’s finding her voice in that. But also, [she’s learning] what it means to be a human being and not an object in this free world that she’s found herself in. She’s grown so much in just asserting herself and her opinions, and her sense of self is what has evolved throughout the seasons.?

Nathalie is also thankful that the showrunners have given her character a chance to show her other side?her funny, relaxed side.

?I loved her little joke. I mean, she tries, you know? It wasn’t a great joke, but it was a great joke because it was her trying to make a joke, which was what was so brilliant about it. She is funny because she’s so not funny, if that makes sense. We had so much fun doing that scene. It was really, really sweet to do, and it’s [one of] those moments of levity that we so desperately need within Game of Thrones.?

As for Missandei?s fate in Season 7, Nathalie admits that she doesn?t have a clue what would happen to her.

?At this point they don’t tell me everything that is going to happen. I actually saw [show runner] David Benioff last weekend and asked about it, but he’s pretty tight-lipped about that whole thing. I couldn’t even grill the guy because I feel like part of my enjoyment of doing this show is that I have to wait and find out. I don’t want to ruin it?and things change all the time. Like, once a script is released that doesn’t mean it’s the final product. It’s not set in stone.?

Asked if she thinks her white-haired mistress is the Queen that the Seven Kingdoms deserves, Nathalie says ?yes?!

?Yeah, absolutely. I’m so Team Daenerys. I’m kind of being loyal to her because that’s my girl, but yeah, I want to see her sit on the throne and rule the seven kingdoms and everything. I generally think that as a ruler she’s fierce enough, but she’s kind and she’s compassionate and she wants to change and to help the common folk. It’s not just about maintaining power and wealth for her, it’s about actually humanity and I think she definitely is a strong candidate. I love the fact that my character in particular would help her get there and support her in that mission.?

Nathalie can?t help feeling grateful for having a role in Game of Thrones. Not only did the show open more opportunities for her, it also taught her to improve on her craft.

?It has definitely pushed me as an actor because I am surrounded by incredible actors. It has been a real joy and learning experience for me. Playing Missandei has pushed me because I made certain choices about her when I took on that role. How she is very, very together and how her emotions play out very internally. And that is quite hard to do because, generally, if I have got a feeling or emotion, I just express it as it comes. I am not good at filtering! That is quite hard to play or read on camera. So that was something that took getting used to and I think uncertainty became a really priority for me?even in her body language. [Now] I play that out when I am approached with other characters to play. Like, ‘What are this person’s characteristics? Their personality? Their body language?’ It obviously makes your character more believable because you believe in them.?


Nathalie considers Game of Thrones a huge blessing. It?s an experience that she would not trade for anything.

?But in terms of my career and stuff, Game of Thrones has just been such a blessing because people really love the show. And it is so great to go to a casting director and have them wanting to talk about the show that you are in. It’s such a great icebreaker. It just makes the environment so much more relaxed. And, honestly, I really doubt that anyone involved thought it would be what it would be! But it’s such a blessing that I became a part of it and that I am still a part of it.?

We?re glad that you became part of Game of Thrones, too, Nathalie.

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