?Nashville? Season 4 Spoilers: Deacon and Rayna?s wedding to push through or not?

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There?s no better way to start a midseason premiere than with a sweet love story.

You won?t want to miss the newest episode of ?Nashville? Season 4 as viewers might be finally be catching the much awaited wedding of Deacon and Rayna, played by Charles Esten and Connie Britton respectively. The report from Ecumenical News assumes that the second half of ?Nashville? Season 4 will begin with the two tying the knot. Backtracking on the midseason finale last December, we remember Deacon proposing to Rayna, with her saying yes.

What should we now expect from ?Nashville? Season 4?

Expect a bigger production for the next episode as fans will be treated like they are present in an actual legitimate wedding celebration. There will be musical performances from the cast members. As written in the article of Ecumenical News, Jay DeMarcus from the country group Rascal Flatts is set to join the cast of the TV series, along with songwriter Jim Lauderdale.

Though it is generally a reason for great celebration, several characters will be seen not so happy and thrilled with the union of Deacon and Rayna. For instance, Rayna?s daughters Daphne, acted by Maisy Stella, and Maddie, played by Lennon Stella, seem to worry about the impending marriage. However, the specific reason behind them being unhappy is yet be determined.

But it won?t be as easy as it is supposed to be. Several reports suggest that a big secret will also be revealed during the episode. Will there be a possibility for the wedding not to push through? We hope not!

But it will be seen that Deacon appears to be frustrated before the wedding ceremony. Why? Paparazzi during a rehearsal dinner will come and that will ruin Deacon?s initial plan. Who are these paparazzi? And what kind of impact will they bring on the wedding proper, if any?

“Nashville” Season 4 premiere episode, titled “Forever and for Always,” will be aired on Wednesday, Mar. 16, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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