NASA Seeks Ways to Save Astronauts from Bone and Muscle Loss

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NASA is working with GroK Technologies on two patent agreements signed on Monday to help astronauts on their bone and muscle loss. They are hoping that innovation on? advance biotechnology could improve the astronauts? health as they work long ? term at the International Space Station. These astronauts have been paying the price of working in space with reduced muscle mass and bone density.


This new partnership aims to develop biomedical breakthroughs to help people suffering from musuloskeletal pain. The recent patent agreements will grant four technological rights invented by NASA and GroK scientists. NASA is looking forward to the possibility of regenerating bone and muscle.

Astronauts are prone to osteopenia, a condition caused by muscle and bone loss, during long spaceflights. The biotechnology research on the International Space Station and the NASA centers in the country will continue to push the edge of Science. The recently formed partnership will improve NASA?s ability to share breakthroughs based on research done in space.

Two New Platform Technologies that can Save Lives


GRoK Technologies will utilize the patented methods to develop two platform technologies. The BioReplicates can create 3-D human tissue models to test drugs, cosmetics and other products due for safety, toxicity and efficacy tests. This method could finally reduce, if not eliminate, the need for animal testing.

The Scionic is another platform that could help develop non ? invasive medical devices for musculoskeletal pain and inflammation in both humans and animals that do not require use of pharmaceuticals.

Mutually Beneficial

GroK founder and CEO Moshe Kushman said that their team is delighted to work with NASA to bring breakthrough technologies to the commercial sector for the improvement of people?s lives. He added that it is no longer just science fiction as everything indicates that life sciences in the 21st century will dramatically improve in the next decades.

The NASA Technology Transfer Program assures that all technologies developed for their exploration and discovery missions will broadly be available to the public, making their research beneficial to the nation. This means that the availability of NASA?s technologies will encourage economic growth, promote commercial activity, and stimulate innovation in commerce.


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