NASA Confirms Aliens Exist? Flowing Water Discovered In Mars!

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International space agency NASA claimed to have found evidence of supposed running water in the planet Mars. The incredible discovery from NASA may suggest that alien life forms may have existed or lived on the planet, according to the Telegraph.

According to a study posted by Mirror UK, ?flowing liquid water is almost certainly responsible for mysterious features on the surface of the planet that change with the seasons.? Satellite images from Mars revealed narrow streaks, less than five meters wide, that ?appear on slopes during warm season, lengthen, and then fade when conditions become cooler, according to Mirror UK.

Physicist Dr. Simon Foster explained in an interview with the Telegraph how running water on Mars could be a potential sign of life. ?The existence of liquid water on the surface of Mars gives us a tantalizing glimpse into the prospect of life on the Red Planet.

?It?s possible microbial life could still be there underneath the surface, and robotic missions have been gathering data to support the theory there could be microbes alive on the planet,? the physicist from Imperial College said in an interview with the Telegraph.

?In the future if we were ever to go to Mars, it would not be like the Apollo missions because the planet is so far away,? he exclaimed. ?It would be almost impossible to take all the resources we need to the planet so we would have to use what?s there and water would be vital for this,? Foster added.

?As living organisms we need liquid to survive,? the physicist shared. He then added that ?the next step is to try to find the source of this water. It looks like the flow of water is seasonal so it must be coming from somewhere.? So it looks like the question of ?Are we alone?? may finally be answered in the near future.

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