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Naruto Vol. 14 Release Date, Pricing, & Plot

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Naruto 3-in-1 edition volume 14 is going to hit the market soon, and here are the things you need to know about the upcoming installation of the series? print version.

Less than a month from now, the 14th volume of the manga series? printed edition will be available for grabs and it will include volumes 40, 41 and 42 of the actual series released online. It followed the earlier release of volume 13, which hit the public market back in January 5, 2016.

Here are the details of the upcoming volume:

It?s Deidara vs. Sasuke, but even Deidara?s Ultimate Art may be no match for the all-powerful new Sasuke. The battle culminates in a giant explosion, leaving members of Team Kakashi cornered, especially when Karin cannot sense Sasuke?s chakra. Plus, deep inside the Land of Rain lies an Akatsuki secret that sheds doubt on the organization?s true intentions, as well as its mysterious leader, Pain.

Although volume 14 has yet to be released, Amazon is already offering packages for it. If bought piece by piece, it would cost $13.83 with free shipping on eligible orders. But, fans could also buy three volumes in one–volumes 12 (includes chapters 34-36) and 13 (chapters 37-39) alongside the upcoming edition for $42.02. The 12th volume costs $14.02 and the 13th is sold at $14.11. However, no discounts could be had if you add the price of all three volumes, but it would definitely save fans some time if they buy all three volumes simultaneously rather than ordering them one by one.

Volume 12 Storyline:

A new ninja causes trouble among the ranks of Team Kakashi when they return from losing Granny Chiyo in the battle against Sasori. The secrets this stranger hides may be disastrous for Naruto. But Orochimaru may have bigger problems when the mysterious Akatsuki infiltrates his stronghold with a spy!

Volume 13 Storyline:

Shikamaru?s team is out for revenge against their mentor?s murderers. Tsunade tried to stop them, but Kakashi wants to help! As the divide among the ninja grows, the mysterious Akatsuki organization continues their brutal attack on the tailed spirits, the Biju, and the young ninja who host them, including Naruto! But Naruto is older and stronger, and his new jutsu is harder to handle than he thought. Meanwhile, Sasuke falls further under Orochimaru?s spell, even naming his new ninja cell ?Team Serpent.? While Naruto and the others try to keep tabs on Sasuke, their long-lost pal ends up in fierce battle with an old enemy. The outcome could bring the ninja world as Naruto knows it to an end faster than he ever imagined.

Well, there you have it. Full details of Naruto volume 14 as well as its previous installments. The 14th volume will be out in the market on April 5, 2016.

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