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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy: What You Might Not Know About The First Ninja Storm Game

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naruto ultimate ninja storm legacy
One of the boss fights from the first Ninja Storm. [Image from Amazon]

Set for a Fall 2017 release, there’s plenty of excitement among anime fans for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy. The collection has all four of the official Ninja Storm games, including most of the DLC and some cool extras. With some fans picking this up for the first time, it seems like a good time to look at the original game.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm came out on the PS3 back in 2008 and was an instant hit among fans. Many consider it to be a big step forward compared to the Ultimate Ninja games from the PS2. With four games out, some features have been added, while others have been removed for better or worse.

The Ultimate Jutsus Had Mini-Games

The first Ninja Storm will be the only game in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy collection to have Ultimate Jutsu mini-games. Players have to press all the buttons correctly in order to hit the move or lessen the damage taken. It was a feature from the PS2 Ultimate Ninja games that was likely kept to add familiarity for longtime fans.

Ninja Storm 2 removed this feature, which upset some fans, but was a necessary move for the sequel’s online multiplayer. With the possibility of lag happening, Bandai Namco didn’t have a choice but to remove it from future games. At the least, fans will be able to try it out in the first game when the collection comes out this fall.

Ultimate Jutsus Were More Cinematic

Another complaint fans had for future games were the shortened Ultimate Jutsus, which was also done for the sake of online play. The Ultimate Jutsus from the first Ninja Storm can last for about 30 seconds or longer, which could induce anger. While it’s fine for couch matches against friends, there is less patience for it online, especially with the possibility of lag.

Though it was an understandable move, some fans would argue that the original Ninja Storm had the best Ultimate Jutsus. In fairness, some of the animations here are absolutely beautiful and the length can often add to that. Some of these moves were shortened in future games, like Itachi’s Tsukoyomi or Rock Lee’s Hidden Lotus.

Missing Characters

While the original Ninja Storm was mostly good, there were a number of missing characters that made the game a less-than-perfect Naruto experience. Zabuza and Haku weren’t included, despite being the first memorable villains, though Ninja Storm Generations eventually added them. A number of characters like Anko and Kurenai were limited to support characters, despite being playable in the Ultimate Ninja games.

Even the Sound Four were omitted, despite playing a key role in the original Naruto’s final arc. In fact, these villains wouldn’t appear in any game until the fourth Ninja Storm game as paid DLC, which angered fans. Thankfully, fans won’t have to pay extra for them in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy collection.

Features That Never Returned

The original Ninja Storm has features that never returned, the most missed ones being Jutsu clashes and wall running. Ninja Storm 4 only had the latter in certain stages, while the previous games ditched wall running entirely. Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker will bring this feature back, which might get fans of the manga and anime interested.

As for Jutsu clashes, no one knows why this was removed since they were epic and visually stunning. Naruto and Sasuke often clash with the Rasengan and Chidori respectively, so no one knows why it was removed. It added a beam struggle like element that many fans enjoyed, but alas it was permanently removed from Ninja Storm 2 and never returned.

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