Naruto Shippuden Spin-off Boruto: The Naruto Movie Rumors – Ironic and Unexpected All Rolled Into One

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Latest rumors for the 2015 spin-off Naruto Shippuden movie Boruto: The Naruto Movie; Orochimaru will come back as a villain and Hatake Kakashi’s very own series

The Last: Naruto The Movie is not really ?The Last? series or movie we will see that revolves around the Naruto Universe. In fact, the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, is now making a spin-off for the series and it is being called Boruto: The Naruto Movie.

Here are two rumors that have been circulating around the net that might get you a bit more excited for the upcoming Naruto Shippuden spin-off.

Boruto: The Naruto Movie rumor and a possible spoiler for the upcoming spin-off movie for Naruto Shippuden

One rumor that has been circulating on the web is the appearance of Orochimaru in the next Naruto movie titled Boruto: The Naruto Movie.

Report from Yibada suggests that, on the next film, Orochimaru will take up his previous role again as the villain for the protagonist.

This one is quite ironic if you ask me, he did help everyone during the Last Great Ninja War (or the war with Madara and the Juubi). He saved Tsunade from certain death and the other kages, so during that time, he was a bad guy who turned good. However, a rumor for his role in the next movie is a bit weird because, bad guy turning into a good guy to only turn again into a bad guy seems a bit off, even for an anime like Naruto Shippuden.

He did have a thirst for knowledge so this might be the reason why he will turn into a mad scientist again.

Yibada also mentions a fight between Orochimaru and Naruto in Boruto: The Naruto Movie. But don?t get your hopes up on this, this is just a speculation and it is in no way official, yet.

Hatake Kakashi will have his very own series. Is it going to be a manga or an anime?

On a report from designntrend, it was stated there that Kishimoto is also making a series for Hatake Kakashi.

This one seems a bit reasonable since we didn?t know how he became the Hokage during the time skip and the reason why he left the position. But let?s not forget the most important part here, his mask. Even Sasuke was intrigued what?s behind his mask during the first Naruto Series!

Naruto Shippuden spin-off movie Boruto: The Naruto Movie will premiere on August 2015 as part of the New Era Project for the Naruto Series.

Image source Wikimedia Commons

By Jedachu3 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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