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Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 4 Update: DLC Pack 2 To Feature Gaara

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The second DLC pack of Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Storm 4 has yet to be released but here are the things that fans and the gamers should expect from the upcoming add-on.

In the first DLC pack released, it was the strategist Shikamaru who was featured. Now, according to Ecumenical News, the fifth Kazekage Gaara will be the one showcased in the second add-on of the game. The new scenario that will feature the Hidden Sand?s Kage is titled as Bonds of the Sandy Shore and just like the first pack, the second installment will also provide a three-hour additional gameplay.

Here is a list of the inclusions of Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Storm 4 DLC Pack 2 as provided by Saiyan Island:

  • 1 New 3-Hour Scenario: Gaara?s Tale Scenario Pack
  • 1 New Costume: Wandering Shinobi Sasuke
  • 3 New Combination Ultimate Jutsu: Perfect Susanoo Sasuke/Itachi, Lee/Guy, Team Guy (Lee,Neji,Tenten)
  • 1 Ninja Treasure Set with items that can be exchanged in-game for costumes, etc.
  • 1 New Ninja Info Cards (To represent players online)
  • 10 New Matching Voices
  • 10 Costumes From Previous Storm Games

Despite the amazing features the second DLC pack contains, it is still unclear as to when it will be released as well as its pricing details. However, if the first add-on will be the basis, especially with the given fact that the two packs are almost similar, the second one is expected to cost $9.99 also.

Aside from the second DLC pack for Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Storm 4, fans are also waiting for the third add-on, which will also be the last one. Ecumenical News stated that unlike the first two, the third one will not feature another additional scenario, instead, it will introduce four new playable characters (Tayuya, Jirobo, Sakon and Kidomaru). However, there will also be similarities among the three add-ons such as new ninja info cards, matching voices and costumes from previous Storm games.

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