Naruto Shippuden Arc Spoilers: January, February 2017 Arc Title Released

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Two additional Naruto Shippuden arc titles for January and February have been released. The month of January will feature Shikamaru, while February will feature Naruto and Hinata?s wedding preparation.

A report by GameNGuide stated that Naruto Shippuden will welcome the year 2017 with Shikamaru’s story. The January Naruto Shippuden arc will be called “Shikamaru’s Story: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness”. Like Sasuke’s arc called ?Sasuke Shinden,? the lazy but genius Shikamaru will dominate the whole month.

Just in time for the Valentine’s season, February’s arc title is called “Hidden Leaf Village’s Story: The Perfect Day for a Wedding”. The heart month will exclusively feature Naruto and Hinata’s apparent wedding.


Sasuke’s Story: Sunrise” has currently aired two episodes and are believed to only have two episodes. Its first episode aired on December 1 and the second episode aired on December 8.

Naruto Shippuden Spoiler: Shikamaru’s Arc

Shikamaru’s arc tells the brilliant ninja’s story after the Fourth Shinobi World War when Kakashi is the Hokage. Thus, the plot involves Shikamaru’s adventure to prove his loyalty to Naruto.

After identifying mysterious events occurring on every villages, Kakashi deployed Shikamaru into the Land of Silence. In the community, Shikamaru’s team encounters several Enlightened Ones – those who sees truth in the words of someone named Gengo.

In a face to face with Gengo, Shikamaru’s ideals sways after hearing the man’s words. He starts to doubt in the world he is trying to achieve with his friends and Naruto.

Naruto Shippuden Spoiler: Hinata-Naruto’s Arc

Naruto and Hinata’s wedding arc is somehow a feel-good part before Boruto’s premiere. Based on the original manga, the present Hokage, Kakashi, does all he can to make the couple’s wedding complete.

However, he finds difficulty of making all Naruto’s friends appear on the special day since they have different missions and schedules. After accepting the wedding invitation, several of the pair’s friends end up overthinking on the gifts they should bring on the event. After all the hardships, the arc ends in a harmonizing weather and all of the invited are present.

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