Naruto Shippuden: 5 Tragic Backstories – Gaara, Itachi and More!

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5 Naruto Shippuden characters with a sad and depressing past

Naruto Shippuden is the kind of anime that has so many characters you will learn love or hate. Being attached to a character here is actually normal and two reasons for that would probably be, that character’s personality and his/her sad background.

Here on this article, you will see the 5 Naruto Shippuden characters and the reason why they have a dark and depressing past.

5 Naruto Shippuden chracters with a very sad background that will make you cry

  • Uchiha Itachi ? One of the most beloved characters in the series. At first you might think that he is a terrible guy and he should definitely die, but during the later part of the series (both Naruto Shippuden Anime and Manga) you will find out that he is actually sweet and he truly loves his younger brother, Sasuke. He killed his own clan for the sake of Konohagakure, he was treated as a criminal and most importantly, he was killed by the person he cherishes the most. Watch his final words to Uchiha Sasuke below posted by grola kak on YouTube.

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  • Uchiha Sasuke ? Pretty much the same as Uchiha Itachi. His whole clan was assassinated by his own older brother, saw his parents? dead bodies on the ground but the main kicker of all, he had to kill his older brother to avenge his family. It is truly one of the saddest moments in the whole series.
  • Nagato ? Another one that deserves to be included on this list is Nagato and his backstory. From childhood into adulthood, the sufferings he had encountered were truly depressing. First, his parents were killed right front of him, then, his dog best friend died?again, right in front of him?and the last one, he had to kill Yahiko just to save Konan. At first he didn?t want to do it but Yahiko instead pushed his body into the kunai that Nagato is holding. See the grim detail on the video below posted by Albourax Edits on YouTube.

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  • Gaara ? When it comes to depressing past, Gaara is probably the first person that will cross your mind. As a Jinchuuriki, having a rough childhood is always included in the package whether you like it or not. Instances like people avoiding you or afraid of you is very normal when you have a tailed beast inside of you, however, when your own father tries to kill you, now that is a whole new kind of low. People deceived him, the closest person in his life tried to kill him but ended up dying because he has the power of the sand to back him up, everyone keeps saying to him that his mother hated him and he is the reason why she is dead. To know the complete details, watch his backstory below as posted by slaughterer94 on YouTube.

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  • Uzumaki Naruto ? Naruto?s past is actually quite similar to Gaara?s because of the fact that, they are both a Jinchuuriki. However, his was a bit sadder than Gaara if you put it into perspective. Everyone hated him when he was growing up, he has no parents to take care of him unlike Gaara who still has his uncle and father and lastly, Minato and Kushina had to die in order to protect baby Naruto. Now if that is not depressing then I don?t know what is.

That concludes the 5 Naruto Shippuden characters with the most depressing backstory.

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By Jedachu3 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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