Naruto Shippuden 498 Spoilers: Kiba And Shino Try To Find Honey Wine As Their Perfect Gift For Naruto And Hinata

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Naruto Shippuden is about to wrap up as the wedding of Naruto and Hinata comes to a close. Episode 498 is just around the corner, and fans will again be seeing the couple’s friends struggling to find the perfect gift for the special day. This time, it will include the perfect wine which Kiba and Shino will try to find in the upcoming installment.

As previously reported, the 498th episode will feature Kiba and Shino’s troubles in deciding on the perfect wedding gift. But this time, few more details are already out. According to TrippedMedia, the installment will focus on the two finding honey wine. Based on the manga version, it would be a great gesture to give a couple honey wine for it is considered a precious gift for the Senju clans.

Kurenai will be the one to tell Kiba and Shino about the wine. As a result, the two will do their best to find a store that sells the special beverage. However, to their dismay, nobody in Konoha has the honey wine. They would then realize that the wine is too rare to find it easily. This would lead them out of town as they try find the beverage.

TrippedMedia further revealed that Shino and Kiba will later reach the land town of Sora-ku. It is known for having goods sold in the black market. Obviously, this could be the perfect place where honey wine might be available. However, because it is the black market, the duo should be more careful in dealing with the townsfolk.

Hopefully, Kiba and Shino will be successful in doing their “secret mission.” Naruto Shippuden episode 498 will air on Thursday, March 9.

Naruto Shippuden ‘Secret Mission’ Recap

As of writing, bunch of Naruto and Hinata’s friends already have their gifts for the couple. Lee decided to give them dumbbells for it will enhance physical strength, which will be helpful in doing household chores. Ino and Sakura, on the other hand, after fighting for a mirror, decided to find a better present for their friends.

Choji will give the couple a special voucher for a romantic dinner, while Shikamaru decided to gift Naruto and Hinata a honeymoon trip. The Kazekage’s gift is still unknown, but he said it will honor his friendship with Naruto. Lastly, the Raikage decided to give Naruto a gift that represents his entire land, so expect it to be huge.

As of writing, it is not yet clear as to what gift Sasuke would give to Naruto. It is not even confirmed whether or not he will attend the wedding. For now, let us wait for the next episodes to air to know the answers to these questions.

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