Naruto Shippuden 489 Predictions: Major Villan To Attack Konoha

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Naruto Shippuden 489 is still a week away from airing but speculations about its plot are already available online. Rumor has it that a major villain will attack Konoha in the next installment. It will then force the village to send Shikamaru to solve the problem.

The previous episode of the anime series concluded the journey of Sasuke. It ended peacefully as the last member of the Uchiha clan defeated the last of the Chinoike clan, Chino. The former managed to explain it to Chino that she still has Fuushin as her friend and that alone is enough for her to stay positive in life.

After their conversation, Fuushin and Chino were taken to Konoha. But Kakashi, instead of holding them in prison, the Mizukage of the Land of Water asked for their custody to work for their land. It came as a surprise as they are considered as criminals. But, it all turns out well and nobody had to die.

Now, Naruto Shippuden 489 will signify the start of a new arc. Based on the preview, Konoha will have a problem with the Land of Silence. Shikamaru then told Kakashi, that it could get a bit more violent dealing with them. But, it seems like Konoha will have to stand down as they just achieved peace.

Personally, it seems like the creators will introduce a new major villain in the series or at least in the Shikamaru arc. There is a possibility that En Oyashiro of the Sasuke arc is the one to attack Konoha in the upcoming episodes.

Fans discovered in the latest installment that En Oyashiro is the father of Chino. Meaning, there are two remaining members of the Chinoike clan. Both of them are capable of using the Ketsuryugan. If ever this information would come to Chino’s knowledge, it might lead her to join force with En Oyashiro and again attack the Land of Fire.

As of this writing, these are just fan-based speculations. But, one thing is for sure, Shikamaru’s arc is going to be as interesting as Sasuke’s arc. Naruto Shippuden 489 titled “Shikamaru’s Story: A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 1: The State of Affairs” is going to air on January 12. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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