Naruto Shippuden 487 Spoilers: More Of Sasuke’s Journey

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Naruto Shippuden 487 is going to air next week and it will cover more of Sasuke?s journey outside Konoha. Things are getting more interesting as he gets closer to finding out who Fuushin is. Also, it seems like the next episode will finally end the mystery of the human bombs.

In the latest episode of the anime series, Sasuke talked to Oyashiro for the first time. The latter is the leader of a gang wherein Fuushin was a former member. Oyashiro told Sasuke that the guy he is after did not last long with his gang.

Oyashiro further stated that Fuushin was exiled from the Land of Water because of his Kekkei Genkai. He then ran with a shinobi from the Chinoike clan who has bloodshot eyes that can unlock their ability to use the Ketsuryugan. Now, this clan has a dark past with the Konoha, which is related to the recent attacks.

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According to Oyashiro, after being exiled to the Hell Valley, the Chinoike clan asked the Uchiha clan for help. But, the latter refused to help so they are trying to take revenge on Sasuke. To know more about this story, Sasuke proceeded to the Hell Valley to try to talk with Fuushin.

A shinobi in the Hell Valley then assaulted Sasuke. Although it was not Fuushin, Sasuke used his Sharingan to look at the attacker?s memories. He saw that Fuushin is using a different identity, Nowaki.

Now, in Naruto Shippuden 487, Sasuke will finally meet Fuushin. The latter will tell Sasuke that he and another Shinobi who have the Kekkei Genkai are special. However, having those abilities are also the reason why people are afraid of them.

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The upcoming installment will also unveil the true story behind the Chinoike clan and the Uchiha clan. Sasuke will even know that Chino is the last member of that clan. Also, fans should expect a battle between Fuushin and Sasuke. It is because Fuushin will refuse to tell Sasuke the whole story about the Chinoike clan.

There you have it! Some of the scenes that you need to watch out for in Naruto Shippuden 487. What do you think will be the outcome of Sasuke and Fuushin?s conversation? Will Chino become the next major antagonist in the series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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