Naruto Shippuden 486 Spoilers: Sasuke To Finally Meet Fuushin

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Naruto Shippuden 486 will air next week but spoilers are already online. Based on what transpired in the previous episode, it seems like Sasuke will finally find the mastermind of the exploding humans.

In the last installment, Sasuke went to Orochimaru to ask about the Lightning Gang. He also asked about Fuushin, his primary suspect in the recent attack in Konoha. However, Orochimaru also did not know where to find Fuushin. But, he does know how to lure En Oyashiro that could lead him to Fuushin.

After their brief conversation, the two went to an island where rich people are organizing a pit to let their hired Shinobi fight. At first, Sasuke was bored but Orochimaru mentioned that it was the only way to lure En Oyashiro.

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Now, the main event of that evening was En Oyashiro?s Shinobi against none other than Sasuke himself. Left with no choice, Sasuke would enter the tournament so En Oyashiro would appear. However, an exploding human appeared instead, which concluded the episode.

In the upcoming Naruto Shippuden 486, Sasuke will finally meet En Oyashiro. He will tell him everything he needs to know about Fuushin and also where to find him. Sasuke will then proceed to Hell Valley where he would fight Fuushin. Based on the teaser clip, it seems like Sasuke would kill Fuushin to defend Konoha from another attack.

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Meanwhile, episode 485 also explained why Sasuke keeps on travelling around the world. Karin shared that as long as Sasuke has his Rinnegan, there will be a lot of Shinobi who will try to steal it from him. So, if he will stay in Konoha, chances are, the village will experience a lot of attacks.

There you have it! The things you should expect in Naruto Shippuden 486. How about you? When do you think Sasuke will end his journey around the world? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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