Naruto Shippuden 484 Spoilers: Episode To See Sasuke?s Atonement And Battle For Revenge

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Naruto Shippuden 476 Spoilers

Naruto Shippuden 484 spoilers suggest that the said episode will feature Sasuke?s journey. It will also see his atonement for sins of the past. This is expected to continue until Episode 485.

Viewers can also expect to see what happens next in the lives of Sasuke and Naruto after the battle. Can Naruto Shippuden 484 bring back the anticipation of fans?

Naruto Shippuden 484 will feature Sasuke’s ?revenge. His friendship with Naruto will be explored. Fans adore their deep friendship in the Naruto Shippuden franchise.

Some fans may think Naruto Shippuden Boyhood Arc was boring.

But it seems Naruto Shippuden 484 will bring back all the excitement this time. Previous reports suggest that the next installment for Naruto Shippuden will keep its focus on the new arc. That is the Sasuke Shinden.

Boruto Arc Coming in 2017?

Rumor has it that Boruto will become the next generation for Naruto Shippuden franchise. The possibility that this will happen is big. Bouto is Naruto?s son anyway.

The Boruto arc is not yet officially confirmed. Fans are hoping that it will be released next year. The most realistic release date for it is mid-year of 2017.

Spoilers claim that Naruto is kidnapped. He was abducted after a new Great Ninja War.?His son is the one to save him. Boruto deals with a very important mission to save his father.

He will discover his strengths and capabilities. He will be more determined to save his village and his family.

Boruto Arc

Very few information about the?Boruto arc is on the internet. Reports claim that Naruto Shippuden will create fillers for the much anticipated major arc in the Naruto franchise. That is the Boruto Arc.

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