Naruto Shippuden 472 Spoilers: Obito Dies, Naruto and Sasuke To Go All Out?

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Naruto Shippuden 472 is still a week away from airing but after what have transpired in the recent episode, speculations have surfaced already on the internet and it seems like it would be mostly flashback once more.

In the latest episode of the anime series, Sasuke was able to go back to where Naruto and Kaguya were through the help of Sakura and Obito. However, although that is an interesting scene, it cannot be denied that the installment still features a lot of flashbacks to the time when Obito and Kakashi were still a kid.

Meanwhile, as Sasuke gets back to the battlefield, he immediately joins Naruto in facing Kaguya. The goddess of Shinobi immediately notices his arrival so she decided to take them into another dimension, a place where the gravity is much stronger than the one on Earth. As a result, the duo cannot move fast as they are being pulled to the ground.

Kaguya then aimed at Sasuke and Naruto with her special rod which kills anyone it hits. The duo were able to dodge the first shot and the second one almost hit them. Luckily, Kakashi and Obito helped them and got in the way. However, just when everyone thought that Kakashi and Obito died, it turned out that the latter is the only who will die because he uses his Kamui to teleport the rod pointing at Kakashi to another dimension.

Now, in Naruto Shippuden 472, based on the teaser released, it seems like it would be again filled with flashbacks with Obito?s passing. But also, just like the previous episode, it would still cover Naruto and Sasuke going up against Kaguya.


The teaser also revealed that they would jump again into another dimension. The one that is connecting all five dimensions of the goddess. It also suggests that Sasuke and Naruto will now go all out as their comrade dies. Kakashi is also expected to help the two, but it is still not clear as to how.

How about you? What do you expect in the Naruto Shippuden 472? Do you think Naruto and Sasuke will finally defeat Kaguya in the episode? What help do you think Kakashi can provide? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The next installment is scheduled to air next Thursday, August 18, and is titled ?You Better??

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