Naruto Shippuden 466 Spoilers: Ninshu Successor To Be Revealed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 466 was not released this week thus giving fans another week to speculate on what would happen in the episode. Based on the teaser released for the installment, the successor of the Ninshu is going to be revealed in this episode.

It can be recalled that in Episode 465, the Ninshu was explained. It was revealed that Hagoromo, son of Kaguya (goddess of the shinobi), was the one who created it and it is a group of his followers who are connected with the chakra he gave them and who bowed to help others in need. They were eventually divided into groups to spread the creed around the world.

Hagoromo then had two sons, Indra and Ashura. The former was the one who discovered how to use the chakra in fighting using different signs, which is why he was considered as the ?genius of the Ninshu.? However, also in the previous episode, Black Zetsu was present and somehow turned Indra into a loner.

Although he is very talented and gifted in using jutsus, he often trained alone in the woods and Black Zetsu was also there most of the time to brainwash the eldest son of Hagoromo. As a result, Indra?s attitude changed especially with the way he communicate and train with his father?s followers.

Because of that, members of the Ninshu Creed were afraid of Indra and would choose not to spar with him to avoid getting hurt. Hagoromo noticed the change in his son?s attitude, which might affect his decision in choosing the successor of the Ninja Creed.

Now, as all manga readers already know, the successor of the Ninshu, which is set to be announced in the upcoming Naruto Shippuden 466, is going to be the youngest son, Ashura. It would then make Indra mad which would spark the war between the two siblings.

The rivalry between Ashura and Indra would then be passed onto the next generations. Their first reincarnations were Madara of the Uchiha clan and Hashirama of the Senjus. The former was the reincarnation of Indra, the one talented but full of hatred in his heart, while Hashirama is the reincarnation of Ashura, the one who has to train a lot before gaining the strength he needs.

After several generations, it is now Naruto and Sasuke?s turn to battle out their rivalry. However, it seems like the trend would now stop as both of them fights on the same side to defeat Kaguya. Naruto Shippuden 466 is definitely going to be interesting as Ashura and Indra are set to be separated after Hagoromo?s announcement. The next episode is going to air on June 30 with a title of ?The Tumultuous Journey.?

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