Naruto Shippuden 453 Recap: Itachi Awakens His Sharingan

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Naruto Shippuden continues the Itachi arc in its latest 453 episode, and during the installment, Uchiha Itachi was able to finally awaken his sharingan.

The episode was titled ?Itachi?s Story – Lightness and Darkness: The Pain of Living.? The main character of the arc had thought of the real meaning of life as he finally realized the true meaning of friendship. During the same episode, Itachi also experienced losing a person whom he considered as a friend right in front of him.

Naruto Shippuden 453 Recap

The latest installment of the arc started three years after the Kyuubi attacked the Hidden Leaf village and the Uchiha clan moved to the outskirt of town. Itachi?s father, Fugaku, who also happens to be the head of the clan, has already started planning how they can regain their rights as one of the noble families in town. However, because of Itachi?s innocence at his age, the great shinobi served as a diversion for his father?s plan.

Another story that was presented in the episode was the bond Itachi shared with his childhood sweetheart Izumi, who also belongs to the Uchiha clan. However, their moment was ruined when Itachi was called by his teammate for a mission, which is to find a ninja cat.

Itachi then led his team in finding the missing animal. But, there seemed to be a problem. Because he graduated way too earlier than his batch, his teammates are older than him, probably same age as Shisui, according to Yibada. Because of that, one of his teammates is having insecure feelings towards him. Fortunately, after their mission with the missing ninja cat, Itachi was considered by his teammates as their friend and vice versa.

However, after Itachi finally realized the true essence of friendship and life, Uchiha Obito killed his teammates right before his eyes which led to the awakening of Itachi?s sharingan. Yibada further explained that Obito purposely killed Itachi?s team to seed more hatred in the latter?s heart. The episode ended while the genin was crying as he bonds with his brother, Sasuke.

While Naruto Shippuden 453 featured Itachi?s first mission and his first heartbreak, the next episode will show more of Shisui?s bond with the main character and it is titled as ?Shisui?s Request.?

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