Naruto Shippuden 452 Review: Itachi The Genius

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 is finally out and it is already the second episode of the new arc for the anime series that features the life of a great ninja, Uchiha Itachi.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 451 Recap

The Itachi arc actually started during this episode and it was titled Life And Darkness: Death and Birth. But, only half of it featured the life of the character and it began when Uchiha Sasuke reminisced the things his older brother showed him before finally leaving the world.

It was during the Great Ninja War when the arc kicked off. Itachi witnessed the battles between nations and started asking what is the true meaning of life. Sasuke was also born during this episode and Itachi thought that whenever a life ends, another will start, and that is certainly the case of his younger brother, because the war has just ended.

Episode 451 ended with Uchiha Obito entering Konoha to unleash the Kyuubi, which would eventually cause chaos.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452

The episode was titled Light And Darkness: The Genius and it started where the previous one left off, Obito entering the village to cause trouble. During the attack, Itachi was taking care of his younger brother, Sasuke, as they try to reach the safe place announced by the officials. When the Kyuubi was finally sealed, Konoha was already wrecked and many lives were taken as well as the fourth hokage?s.

Now, when the people have already rebuilt the city, the Uchiha clan was placed at the corner of the village, which caused some rage from its members. It was their duty to ensure the security of the people and by placing them at the edge of ?Konoha, it would make it hard for them to access the center of the city in case of emergency.

But, the leader of the clan just followed the new orders, and besides, Itachi, the leader?s son, loves the new place because it can also serve as his training ground. Now, going back to the main character, he is already of the right age to enter the Ninja Academy. However, he was too skilled among other freshmen and his intelligence is already way ahead of his batch, so his mentor decided to make him move to the next level with only a year of studying.

Uchiha Shisui was also introduced in this episode as a very close friend to Itachi. Although the latter is a bit older than the former, they both share the same outlook in life – to stop all the fighting in life.

Watch the full Naruto Shippuden Episode 452.

Clearly, this episode showcased the greatness of Itachi at a very young age. His advanced skills were also featured as well as his ability to learn new techniques. Aside from that, the ninja?s tight relationship with his younger brother was also presented as he always looked after Sasuke.

The next episode will be available on March 17 and it will be titled Light And Darkness: The Pain of Life, as posted by Saiyan Island.

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