Naruto Online Now Available To Western Part Of The World; Register Now!

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Good news for Naruto fans in the Western part of the world. It was recently confirmed that the hit Chinese MMORPG Naruto Online can now be accessed on the computers of Western countries starting on July 20.

The computer game patterned after the hit anime and manga series Naruto was created first in China and has been a game for almost three years now. And after the success in Asia, the company behind the PC game is now expanding the reach of it, releasing it to the other side of the world.

To all Naruto fans out there, don?t worry that the game will not deviate too much from the anime series. The said game will be employ all the major plots of the Naruto manga. The voices of the characters are even copied to make it more close and as similar as that of the anime.

However, it is yet to be determined if the recently released storyline about Boruto: Naruto The Movie will also be included in the game. But the locations used in Naruto like Valley of the End will be made available in the game.

Reports also bared that every player can choose among the five characters in the story. Every character has its own style of playing. The players can also pick on what kind of elements he prefers. These elements include fire, water, wind, earth and lightning. The difference of the MMORPG Naruto Online to Ultimate Ninja is that it is not real-combat fights. The game will be turn-based.

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Meanwhile, the game also allows the players to recruit characters from the anime series to help them in fighting the opponent. This is called Naruto Bonds-system, which enables the player and his team to equalize with its opponent and be able to unleash strong combos. Aside from these, dungeons are also put in the game for single players and even for a team.

Lastly, one of the game?s main advantage is the world boss battles with what is considered to be great in-game proportions. So to all excited fans out there, you can now create an account on the Naruto Online website.

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