Naruto Live Action Hollywood Movie Remake Met With Disapproval; See How Netizens Reacted

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Naruto Live Action

Naruto Uzumaki is finally making his big screen debut, but this time not on paper. confirms that indeed, a Naruto live action Hollywood movie is in the works. Lionsgate had acquired the rights to the series, and it looks like a go signal is in place.

Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto himself confirmed that his beloved anime will be made into a full-scale Hollywood blockbuster. The good thing is that he will be part of the project so this ensures that the Hollywood version will stay true to the original one.

Meanwhile, Michael Gracey has been tasked to direct the live action adaptation. Moreover, Avi Arad and his son will serve as producers for the Naruto live action adaptation. In addition, Geoff Shaveitz and Kelly O?Malley will also take part in the project.

In the meantime, while?there isn?t any news yet about the film?s release date, netizens are already worried about the outcome. Hollywood hasn?t exactly been doing a great job with anime film adaptations, and Naruto fans just don?t want their favorite character to be tarnished by an awful remake.

Naruto live action movie announced

When the plan for a Naruto live action film was announced over the weekend, the Internet was in shock. It started with Shonen Jump?s simple twitter announcement that the film is getting a Hollywood remake from Lionsgate and Michael Gracey is directing. In addition, they made an announcement that creator Kishimoto is involved in production. A pre-production art was also revealed.

Netizens react

Unfortunately, the Internet exploded with negative reactions. Most fans made fun of the possible outcome, and even tried to predict the different Hollywood actors that would portray the Naruto film roles. Michael Cera, was a candidate for Naruto, Robert Pattinson for Sasuke and Scarlett Johansson as Sakura.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user stated that he wished the makers of the Naruto live action movie would feature Tilda Swinton to play everyone. Of course, he is taking a stab at Doctor Strange, in which Swinton plays a Tibetan monk. Hollywood has been accused of whitewashing, which means white actors are being cast for roles that are Asian in origin.

On the other hand, fans are relieved that with Kishimoto playing an active role in the Naruto live action film, it would be spared from the unfortunate Hollywood fates of The Last Airbender and Dragon Ball Z.

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