Naruto Songs: Nostalgic Intros That Will Rekindle Your Love For The Franchise

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It has already been quite a while since the original Naruto animated series ended and as Boruto Naruto The Movie was shown in the US recently, many have remembered how long the anime series has started. If you want to get nostalgic and rekindle your love for the franchise, you should listen to these?Naruto songs.

There are numerous opening and ending themes throughout both Naruto and Shippuden. Here are all the songs from the anime?courtesy of Naruto Wikia. You can click on each title to listen to the song. You can also listen to all the opening Naruto songs in the compilation video below and best of all, it also includes all the corresponding intro videos.


If listening and watching all of the intro videos wasn’t enough,?you can watch all the latest Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 gameplay videos taken from New York Comic Con 2015. Meanwhile, Boruto Naruto The Movie is currently being shown in Australia until October 21, 2015.

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