Narcos Season 3: Senseless Violence Out, Political Drama In? Show To Focus More On Politics

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Narcos Season 3 may veer away from its usual formula and be more of a political drama.
Narcos Season 3 may veer away from its usual formula and be more of a political drama.

The full second season of Narcos became available on Netflix several months back. Fans witnessed how the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar died. Many wondered if Pablo?s death would mean the show?s end as well. To fans? delight though, reports confirmed Narcos Season 3. However, it seems that the viewers will have a different experience this time as the show will now focus on the Cali Cartel. Spoilers suggest that the show may feature less violence as the drug cartel has a different way of waging a ?war.?

Change in Cast Members

A few weeks back, several reports confirmed that Narcos Season 3 is currently filming. Pedro Pascal, who played as DEA agent Javier Pena in the first two seasons, will return. However, his partner in the show, Steve Murphy, will no longer be part of the show. It was said that in the real course of events, both agents went back to the US after Escobar died. However, it seems that the production has decided to extend Pena?s role, perhaps to establish some continuity.

Meanwhile, new cast members were also announced. Arturo Castro and Kerry Bishe will join the cast for Season 3.

No More Violence?

Fans who are expecting the same amount of violence in the previous seasons may be surprised in Season 3. According to The Inquisitr, the Cali Cartel has a different style from Escobar. Cali Cartel was able to penetrate into Colombian politics, buying the presidency of Colombia in 1994. Apparently, the government grew tired of the violence that Escobar bought in Colombia, which changed the way the narcos fought their battles.


Will Narcos Season 3 be more of a political drama? We?ve yet to find out. However, whenever there?s a drug cartel involved, there?s bound to be violence. The release date of Season 3 of Narcos is yet to be revealed.

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