?Narcos? Season 3 Release Date, Plot: Can Cali Cartel Match The Thrill Of Pablo Escobar Story?

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Narcos Season 3 Release Date
Narcos Season 3 Release Date

Narcos Season 3 release date is nowhere near as fans are itching to know what’s gonna happen next. Now that Pablo Escobar is gone viewers are wondering how the show is going to live up to people’s expectations. Will it be as gruesome? As thrilling? As violent?

The head of the Medellin Cartel is dead and it’s intriguing to know who this upcoming season’s drug lord will be. Looking back, Pablo Escobar was taken down by the Colombian Special Forces, bringing an end to the Medellin Cartel. This may be the end for Escobar, but never for the cocaine industry. Business will be booming as new drug lords surface.

Fans will have to get used to the idea that amazing Wagner Moura will no longer be around. After his death the Cali Cartel became even more powerful, which brought in the Mexican Cartels. These cartels were formed almost at the same time. But Cali Cartel was behind the thriving cocaine business in Mexico. Apparently, it’s proven to be more lucrative than heroine. Expect other influential drug lords to come into play such as Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela and Helmer “Pacho” Herrera.

Cali Cartel’s Rise to Power

Last season viewers saw how the Cali Cartel was instrumental in killing Pablo Escobar. Orejuela and Herrera, along with another character who may be “Chepe” will join the group and bring in cocaine to Mexico. Eventually, the Cali Cartel rises up to become the most powerful drug ring in the whole world.

Reports claim that the cartel owns ninety percent of cocaine sales globally. Unlike the Medellin Cartel who merely involved the Escobars, Cali Cartel came up with a powerful system and used political organizations to make the drug business work. A whooping $7 billion a year was their reported earnings at the height of their power. Season 3 may not be as violent as the last season, but you can look forward to Escobar?s plans unravelling.

So will Narcos Season 3 enjoy equal or more successful reception than season 2? Or is it bound to disappoint since the beloved Pablo Escobar is no longer in sight? We?ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully, sooner than next year.

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