Narcos Season 3 Premiere Date, Spoilers: Which New Faces Will Be Seen in New Season?

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Narcos Season 3

The American crime web TV series created and produced by Chris Brancato called Narcos is finally done with 2 great seasons and was renewed for its Season 3 and Season 4 and we?ve got the details for you! Unless you?re a huge fan of the show and would prefer to be surprised of what goes down (aka spoilers) then you can stop reading.

After the death of Pablo Escobar and knowing that the show was renewed for its third and fourth season, it was a confirmation that the show would be moving without him. However, that is what everyone is so curious about and fans have been wondering what the show would be bringing to the table.

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The finale of Season 2 which was a bigger success than Season 1 featured the unexpected death of Escobar and apparently the empire worth billions that he left behind depends on drug cartels which makes the narcotics empire running without a boss. This in turn, makes them a target to power and money hungry drug associations to take over them.

New Season, New Faces

The show is expected to return next year. Although there hasn?t been a specific release date, Movie News Guide has reported that there will be several new faces that you?ll see on the new season including Kerry Bishe who would be playing an American woman Christina who?s going to be married to one of the important characters.

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Her husband also holds a high position in the gang although there hasn?t been details that revealed her whole character and story. Matt Whelan and Michael Stahl-David will also make an appearance as DEA agents in the upcoming season.

Hopefully, the new season would be as successful as Season 2 in terms of ratings and viewership where the hold favorable reviews and ratings with great portrayal of characters that the fans loved so much.

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