Narcos Season 3 Being Planned? What Can The Plot Be?

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Judging from the success of the earlier seasons, a Narcos Season 3 might be coming. The first season dealt with the rise of Pablo Escobar. It followed his entry into the drug manufacturing and distribution business. It ends with him narrowly escaping the authorities and much more vulnerable than ever.

Narcos Season 2 will be about the war between Escobar?s Medellin cartel and government forces. He will also be having trouble against a new enemy, the Cali cartel. Groups like Los Pepes will also give him trouble as they also operate outside the law. So it?s the Search Bloc of government agencies, the Cali cartel and Los Pepes against Pablo Escobar and his Medellin cartel.

It will also expose how Pablo Escobar had allies in the Colombian government explaining how he gets away from authorities.

Also, it seems that this would be the end for Pablo Escobar and for Wagner Moura who plays him. In a report by Slashfilm, the second season was bittersweet for Moura. This would be his last season portraying Pablo Escobar. It has been speculated that this would be the end of the Pablo Escobar arc of Narcos as we all know the fate of the real Pablo. Moura might have spilt the beans as he recounted how he wants to finish the job and move on saying ?But in the end, as I knew what was going to happen to my character, I knew he was going to die, so when we wrapped the first season, it felt like I was doing this big film that I had to stop and come back to finish. I was relieved when I finished because it wasn?t nice to spend two years with that energy. I had to change my body so I was super chubby. I gained 40 pounds and it wasn?t my body anymore. So it was a mix of different emotions.?

So what would Narcos Season 3 be like? Well, the show as Jose Padhila had said is not about Pablo Escobar. It is about cocaine and the drug dealers that deal cocaine. Eric Newman, the executive producer, added that there is a reason why they call the show Narcos and not Pablo Escobar. ?So, in line with this, when Narcos Season 2 is released and finished on September 2 on Netflix, what could the producers talk about? Will it still be the drug trade in Colombia?

Some think it might be about the La Oficina de Envigado. It was the enforcement and collections arm of the Medellin cartel. It was originally founded by Diego Murillo Bejarano. But after a falling out with Escobar, the La Oficina became its own drug cartel and crime organization. Do you think this will be the next stop for our beloved show? Leave your comments below.

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