Narcos Season 2: Will $1 Billion Claim By Escobar’s Brother Delay Release?

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Controversy arose last week when the late Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar?s brother, Roberto Escobar, wanted to review Narcos Season 2 material before its release. Initially, it seemed to be a ?friendly request? to make sure Pablo and he get portrayed accurately. Now, it does not seem too friendly.

Roberto Escobar is reportedly demanding $1 billion from Netflix for content rights. This was reported by Zacks and picked up by Yahoo. ?Roberto Escobar, in a letter, informed Netflix that he thought that there were ?mistakes, lies and discrepancies from the real story? in the first installment of Narcos. He stated that this was a story that he was not only part of in real life but a story that he survived. He emphasized that he is one of the few surviving members of the Medellin Cartel and his brother?s closest ally. He also managed the accounts of Pablo.

Apparently, Roberto Escobar has a lot of problems with the show as reported in a Newsweek article. He even criticized the casting of Wagner Moura. He questioned why they cast a Brazilian and not a Colombian. He even questioned the experience and accomplishment of Moura in acting (Moura received a Golden Globe nomination for Narcos back in January). He added, ?Does he have any real experience in making cocaine transactions? Has he laundered billions of dollars? Or is he sucking his thumb and drinking his mother?s breast milk to this date? I believe it?s the latter.?

Roberto Escobar added that If Netflix will not comply with his $1 billion demand, he will litigate. He revealed that a billion is something that they would make in a good week of business back in the 80s and 90s. He stated that Netflix is making money off of his family?s name and that Netflix should immediately pay or share profits with them.

Will Netflix pay? Will a Narcos Season 2 ever see the light of day? Will it be with the consent and guidance of Roberto Escobar? We will update you on this matter as soon as we get word.

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