Narcos Season 2 Updates: Exclusive Photos Hint Things are Seriously Violent

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Narcos season 2
Narcos season 2

Things are going to get really serious with more violence and bloodshed when Wagner Moura?s Pablo Escobar returns in Season 2 of the Narcos.

The exclusive first photos revealed by the official facebook page of the show reveal government agencies and Escobar planning their agenda as the hunt for Colombia?s most feared smuggler begins. We get to see the other main characters including Escobar?s wife and mother, U.S. DEA agents Javier Pe?a and Steve Murph and Colombian President C?sar Gaviria.

With the Colombian Police and the Search Bloc at his heels, and the Cali cartel seeking revenge, Escobar has apparently gone underground fearing for his own safety. He fears extradition more than anything as one of the photos show his wife talking via a secure satellite phone to avoid the prying ears of the U.S. spy agencies.

But despite his best efforts, Escobar will get killed at the end of the season as hinted by several spoilers revealed to fans. In fact, Netflix even teased the death of the drug kingpin in the teaser trailer released back in June.

The real life Escobar had died at the hands of the Colombian National Police while fleeing from his hideout in Medell?n. With the authorities closing in, Escobar and his bodyguard tried escaping by running across the roofs of adjoining houses, but both were shot by the police. Escobar is said to have suffered gunshots to the leg and torso and a fatal gunshot through his ear. Since it has never been known who actually fired the final shot, there have been speculations about his death, whether he actually killed himself or the shot was part of the possible execution.

Some of Escobar?s relatives including his brother Roberto believed that he shot himself through the ears as he had always promised to do if he gets cornered. Others have speculated as to the involvement of his rival, the Cali cartel, and a vigilante group called the Los Pepes who often ran with the government?s Search Bloc. Whether or not the Narcos Season 2 will be detailing his history with the Los Pepes, that remains to be seen.

Narcos chronicles the gripping real-life stories of the infamous drug kingpins of the late 1980s and the corroborative efforts of law enforcement to meet them head on in a brutal, bloody conflict. Its gritty storytelling details the many, often-conflicting forces ? legal, political, police, military and civilian ? that clash in the effort to control cocaine, one of the world?s most valuable commodities.

Narcos Season 2 will be available exclusively on Netflix starting September 2, 2016.

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