Narcos Season 2 Update: Should Netflix Let Escobar’s Brother Have A Say In Series’ Material?

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Narcos Season 2
Narcos Season 2

Fans have been excited for a Narcos Season 2 update. The second installment of the show has been announced to premiere on September 2 on Netflix but there is some potential trouble looming. Roberto Escobar, the brother of Pablo Escobar, reportedly wants to review the Season 2 material before its release.

Narcos Season 2

A report by Variety states that Roberto Escobar is the registered successor-in-interest rights to Pablo and the Escobar family name in California through the Escobar Inc. in 2015. It is in the same year that Narcos premiered on Netflix. The CEO of the company, Olof K. Gustafsson, said that they had initially contacted Netflix before the premiere of the series. Their party, allegedly, did not get a response.

Gustafsson stressed the importance of Roberto reviewing the show as this would ensure accuracy in the portrayal of Pablo and Roberto in the show. According to the report, Roberto Escobar himself said in the statement that the show is depicting him, his family and his late brother?s life and that he is the sole authority when it comes to ensuring the veracity of their portrayal.

Is this coming from a good place or does Roberto Escobar just want a piece of the pie? Both are understandably natural. It might be either of those, neither of those or some mix of both. But will there be some legal actions from the Escobar party? We do not know as of yet.

Potential issues would appear should Roberto Escobar be allowed to review the material. What would happen if he would find something in the series disagreeable? Would the producers then be forced to omit such clips or edit them out? Second, with such ?authority,? would his close ties with his brother and natural bias affect the outcome of the television adaptation? His involvement seems to put some bias for the Escobar party. This could also cause a PR problem about the veracity of the series–the same problem he wishes to address.


What do you think? Should Roberto Escobar get a say? Stay tuned for Narcos Season 2 update like this.?

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