?Narcos? Season 2 Trailer Teased on Netflix: The Fate of Pablo Escobar

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A drug lord?s typical day will not be complete without the threat of violence, revenge and death. And Netflix definitely serves that cold plate as its teases the latest Narcos Season 2 trailer. According to reports, Narcos Season 2 will see the fall of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, played by Wagner Moura.

There will be questions as to how Escobar will eventually meet his fate and how show creators Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro will present it, since there have been speculations as to the death of the actual Pablo Escobar. This is all tied up as well to how the other side will be shown celebrating his downfall. Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal) will finally get recognition as their mission is seen to come to an end soon.

For 15 years, Pablo Escobar?s drug cartel named ?Medellin Cartel? oversaw the success of their drug business, enjoying unprecedented growth. But the years of observation, oculars and meddling has apparently allowed the government to shut them down, first, by going for the target Pablo Escobar. The Narcos Season 2 trailer on Netflix left so much dangling for viewers who want to see more. Questions like how and where was Pablo Escobar killed raises the excitement for the new season. Who is the person responsible for killing him?
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Narcos Season 2 on Netflix also introduced the season poster of the series. Meanwhile, Narcos grips the real-life struggle and challenges of 80?s kingpins. How they dealt with the violence, the struggle to dodge bad deals and the common goal of making millions by distributing illegal drugs in massive volumes.

Produced by Gaumont International Television, Narcos Season 2 on Netflix is directed by Jos? Padilha (Elite Squad, RoboCop) and Eric Newman (Children of Men). Narcos Season 1, however, is now available on Netflix streaming via Ultra HD 4K.

Narcos shows the life of Pablo Escobar and how he started being a black marketeer to transforming into an infamous drug lord known as the ?King of Cocaine?. Season 1 left us hanging with Escobar barely escaping the government?s plans to kill him when they entered his La Catedral prison. He survived but then, for how long? Narcos Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on September 2, 2016. For more news and updates about the series, make sure to read on TheBitBag.

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