Narcos Season 2 Still On Track Despite Escobar Brother Roberto Threatening Netflix

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Narcos Season 2
Narcos Season 2

Narcos, Netflix Originals? crime thriller based on Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, is already gearing up for Season 2 but Escobar?s brother, Roberto Escobar, has threatened to get the online streaming site involved in a legal tangle over publishing rights.

Pablo?s brother and the former accountant of the Medellin cartel, Roberto Escobar, recently sent a letter to Netflix demanding a billion dollars for the rights to his family?s story. In addition, he has also asked the right to review all the future episodes of Narcos.

Since this issue with Roberto Escobar started, fans have been worried that there could be a delay in the release of the new season. It has probably put Netflix in jeopardy since the release date of Narcos Season 2 has already been set and they were actively promoting the new show. But even if the company decided to pay, it is highly unlikely that Roberto Escobar would agree as he has not been depicted in the entire series. This, in turn would probably cause indefinite delay for the re-shooting of a number of scenes.

Narcos season 2 premiere

Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in Narcos

However, despite Roberto Escobar?s threat, Netflix has not officially responded so far to the former cartel member. The company has not in anyway indicated its plans to change the release date of Narcos Season 2. So it seems the second season that is set to finish with the death of Pablo Escobar is still on track to be released on its set date of September 2.

In fact, according to TechDirt there is no legal substance in Roberto Escobar?s case if he decides to sue Netflix, since the show creators have not included or mentioned Roberto Escobar in the show in anyway, so he cannot sue the company over rights to portray him. With creative license, Narcos had portrayed Pablo Escobar?s accountant as someone entirely different, who is not even related to the family.

Also, Roberto Escobar cannot claim exclusive rights over the portrayal of other Escobars. In the United States, the First Amendment trumps any kind of publicity rights when it comes to historical figures which obviously, Pablo Escobar and his gang members qualify to be. So the notion that Roberto Escobar?s tactics might in anyway influence the court is pretty much laughable.

Narcos stars Wagner Moura as drug kingpin Pablo Escobar alongside Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal as real-life DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pe?a. Season 2 is still set on track to premiere September 2 with all 10 episodes available for binge watching once released.


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