Narcos Season 2 Spoilers And Air Date: How Did Escobar Die?

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Narcos Season 2

Netflix?s crime drama Narcos has been making waves lately. Even though the first season ended about a year ago, fans of the show have been waiting patiently. The show highlights the lavish and dangerous life of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The first season ended with him escaping captivity by means of a concealed exit. In Narcos season 2, the manhunt begins.

From the trailer, it would seem that season 2 will be an all out war against Pablo Escobar. The DEA and Search Bloc are hell bent on getting him back in prison. Meanwhile, Cali Cartel and Los Pepes want blood, and blood alone. Gaviria has given all available resources to take Escobar down. What they do not know is that Escobar is ever more dangerous.

This unseeming alliance between the US and Colombian governments, renegades, and other cartel is bound to get dirty. Everyone would want a piece of the action. Pinning Escobar down will benefit each and everyone in their own different ways.

Unfortunately, for those who are not all too well versed with Escobar?s history will be surprised to know that he survived the man-hunt. However, everyone knows that he is dead. What all of us do not know is how he died.

Some say that Escobar was caught in a gunfight and was heavily wounded. This lead people to believe that the injury he sustained is of a fatal nature. Meanwhile, other theorists say that he killed himself. The fact of the matter is that nobody actually knew how he died. This is what Narcos Season 2 will be all about. They would try to answer the question ?Who killed Pablo Escobar??.

Unfortunately, viewers will not be able to see the actual place where Escobar died. Recent report revealed that the new tenant of the house in question refused to let the crew film the scene from the infamous rooftop. The set was eventually moved to a different location to recreate the scene.

Narcos Season 2 will be available for streaming on Sept. 2.

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