Narcos Season 2 Release Date Confirmed; Trailer Teases Pablo Escobar?s Death

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Narcos Season 2
Narcos Season 2

Netflix?s subscribers have another reason to rejoice. Besides the debut of Orange Is the New Black Season 4 this week on June 17th, Netflix has set the premiere date for its Narcos Season 2 which was revealed in an cryptic trailer. All ten episodes of Narcos Season 2 will debut on September 2 at 12:01 AM PST exclusively on Netflix.

The show, centered around Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and the Medell?n Cartel had completed filming last month and the several rumors indicated a possible August release similar to last year?s debut of first season. Fans won?t have to wait much longer anyway as the Narcos season 2 releases just a week later than last year?s premiere.

The cryptic trailer teases the fans with death of Escobar which is inevitable given the timeline of the series which will conclude the story of Escobar and the Medellin cartel this season. The 28-second bare-bones clip, has Pablo Escobar walking to the camera and later his face is replaced by numbers that make a date –12.01.49–the drug kingpin’s birthday. It also manages to give quite the clue for what’s to coming, as it features another memorable date–12.02.93–the date Pablo was killed by Colombian law enforcement. While the teaser didn?t show much other than Escobar?s face, Netflix will probably release another full fledged trailer soon.

Though Escobar?s death was officially said to be at hands of Colombian police forces, a popular theory among journalists is that Escobar was probably murdered by some of those involved with the Los Pepes group.

Escobar?s indiscriminate killings of his rivals, several policemen and civilians led to the formation of this vigilante group known as Los Pepes (Los Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar, “People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar”) which was financed by his rivals and former associates, including the Cali Cartel. The Los Pepes is said to have carried out a bloody campaign fueled by vengeance in which more than 300 of Escobar’s associates and relatives were slain and large amount of his cartel’s property were destroyed.

So the vigilante group will essentially be a part of the Narcos plotline but however it remains to be seen if the show producers will link the group to the death of Escobar in anyway.

Narcos stars Wagner Moura (Elite Squad, Elysium) as Pablo Escobar alongside Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl) and Pedro Pascal (?Game of Thrones?) as real-life DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pe?a.

Jos? Padilha (Elite Squad, RoboCop) and Eric Newman (Children of Men) serve as executive producers of the series while the series is produced by Gaumont International Television for Netflix.

Narcos Season 2 debuts September 2 exclusively on Netflix.

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