Narcos Season 2 Premiere Nears; See Pablo Escobar’s Death In Set Photos

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Narcos season 2
Narcos season 2

With a little more than a month remaining for the Narcos Season 2 premiere, Netflix is all out in promoting the upcoming series about the life of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and even spoiling it for fans by indicating on its social media accounts his apparent death by the end of the season.

While his inevitable death in the next episodes will definitely disappoint fans of Wagner Moura?s Pablo Escobar, it should be noted that the show producers didn?t have it easy filming the final sequences of the gangster?s death. When the Narcos producers wanted to recreate Escobar?s death scene at the same rooftop where the real-life drug lord was shot back in 1993, they apparently couldn’t get the current tenant of the residence to agree.

The locals in Medellin consider it taboo to mock Escobar?s memory due to his deep ties there and out of respect for the community, the tenant initially refused to allow the shooting. Eventually, a deal was struck and the producers were allowed to recreate Escobar?s fatal shootout with cops. You can check below the onset photos of Moura acting out the death of Escobar courtesy of TMZ.

EP Eric Newman had earlier revealed to fans that the Narcos team wanted to film Escobar?s famous death scene as historically accurate as possible.

?Escobar had a photographer who was with him and there are incredible photos taken by DEA agent Steve Murphy at the time of his death,? Newman said. ?We?ve recreated the actual death scenario based on those pictures so it’s as close as we can be.?

You can check out the original pictures taken after Escobar?s death below and notice how similar the death scene in the series is to the actual pictures.

As the 23-year-old LA Times news report indicates, Escobar was killed when he, along with a bodyguard, tried to escape his Medellin hideout after hundreds of soldiers and police had him surrounded following a phone trace. A 20-minute shootout followed after which the 44-year-old drug smuggler was killed trying to escape via the rooftop.

Netflix unveiled a Narcos Season 2 teaser trailer last week finally announcing the release date as September 2 for the much loved original series that follows the exploits of Colombian drug lord Escobar and his associates of Medellin cartel. The 30-second trailer, aside from revealing the premiere date, lingers around numbers ?–12.01.49– Escobar?s birthday and -12.02.93– the date he was killed by the Colombian law enforcement.

Narcos Season 2 premieres all episodes on September 2 exclusively on Netflix.

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