?Narcos? Season 2: How Did Escobar Evade Authorities For Over A Year After His Escape?

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Narcos Season 2 premieres on September 2 on Netflix and it has been confirmed by showrunners that the series, this time, will feature the death of Colombian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura), in the upcoming season.

As recalled in the finale of the first season, Escobar was able to escape from authorities when he was being transferred from his luxury prison at ?La Catedral? into a more standard holding facility. That was in June 1992. And on December 2, 1993, he was infamously caught and killed in Medellin, Colombia where he went into hiding.

According to Master Herald, Narcos Season 2 will recount how Escobar was able to evade and avoid authorities after his escape. Based on historical accounts, the Colombian National Police was able to learn of his whereabouts and planned an assault against him. It wasn?t an easy fight. He avoided the police by going up a roof with his two bodyguards who were eventually killed and was followed shortly by Escobar?s own demise.

The people of Medellin, Escobar?s hometown, still respected the kingpin who had established a ?Robin Hood? persona to the poor people of the town. This is still true until the present day as the series wanted to film the death scene in the actual location where Escobar died but the tenants of the house initially refused out of respect for the town?s reverence to Escobar until they were able to strike a deal with them.

In the first teaser trailer, it simply shows Escobar with two dates being highlighted: 12.01.49 and 12.02.93, which are the dates of birth and death of the drug lord. The teaser strongly hinted of Escobar?s inevitable death to be recounted in the second season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, while the first season covered 10 years of Escobar?s life, the second one will only cover a month. Moura, who plays the Colombian drug kingpin, said during an interview in the Netflix talk show, Chelsea, ?It?s all about Pablo on the run? It?s from the day Pablo escapes to his death.?

Catch Narcos Season 2 with all 10 episodes to be released on September 2 on Netflix.

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