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Nanit Baby Monitor: The Best Way to Track Your Baby’s Sleep and Overall Well-Being

Make sure your baby always sleeps safe and sound.

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Get peace of mind with the Nanit baby monitor:

  • Monitor your baby’s sleep without interrupting them
  • Track your baby’s development and overall well-being
  • Ensure your baby’s safety and comfort day and night
  • Cherish adorable moments 

Bedtime is supposed to be downtime for parents after spending the entire day taking care of their baby, doing chores, and working. However, worrying whether your little one is sleeping comfortably and safely may still keep you awake all night. Instead of going back and forth to their room, which might interrupt their sleep; Nanit has a better way to let you check on your baby throughout the night without having to leave your bed.

The Nanit Pro Camera provides a crystal clear overhead view of your baby’s crib day and night. Aside from sleep tracking, it can also monitor your baby’s overall development and well-being, including their height and breathing motions. It’s actually like a digital baby book because you can watch them grow and look back at their most adorable moments.

You can watch them play, relax, and sleep through a 1080p HD crystal clear view of their crib on your device through the Nanit App. You’ll be able to stay connected to them 24/7 with real-time sound and motion alerts even if you’re busy. 

Once your baby is hungry or their diaper is full, you’ll receive alerts with the sensor-free breathing motion monitoring so you don’t have to panic if your baby needs something from you.

You can monitor how long they’re sleeping, when they fall asleep and wake up, how efficient their sleep is, and how many breaths per minute with Breathing Wear. The Two-Way Audio provides white noise, temperature and humidity readings, and a dimmable built-in nightlight for more comfortable and longer sleep. Other features of the Nanit Pro Camera include:

  • Unmatched reliability
  • Video history
  • Safe cable management
  • Background audio
  • Alexa-enabled

You may choose between a wall-mount and floor stand when installing your Nanit Pro Camera. For easier installation, a wall mount is a great option. If you want to reposition your camera from time to time and switch from wall-leaning to freestanding mode, the floor stand might work better for you. Either way, you can be assured of your baby’s safety anytime of the day.

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