Nanbaka Anime Trailer & Season 2 Updates: Preview Confirms Arrival of New Cast

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Nanbaka anime is surely coming back for its second instalment. A new trailer for Nanbaka Season 2 was released. The trailer for the brand new season will introduce new cast members.

One of the new cast members that will arrive next season is Takaya Kuroda as Enki Gok?. Naozumi Takahashi is also joining the show. He will play the role of Ruka Goj?. A new character named Noriko Sanz? will also be introduced, with Fuyuka Oura voicing the said character.

Nanbaka anime

The first season of Nanbaka anime started airing in Japan on October. It is based on Sh? Futamata’s Nanbaka manga. Funimation dubs the anime as it airs in its home country.

Funimation?s description of the series tells the story that takes place in Nanba, the world’s largest, most impenetrable prison. There are a total of 13 inmates in a cell block. Four of them bring more trouble for Officer Hajime.

These four inmates are apparently the main characters of the show. They would attempt breakouts and gambling. They would do misbehaving. They believe that being in the prison does not mean that they could no longer have fun.

The first season of Nanbaka television anime runs for a total of 13 episodes. It is still airing on Japanese television. The upcoming sophomore season is reported to run weekly through digital services in Japan.

The premiere episode of Nanbaka Season 2 will be streamed through the anime’s official website for free. Fans will definitely look forward to seeing what happens next in the upcoming episodes of the hit television anime series.

The manga in which the television series is based on will get a special event anime in April. Crunchyroll is also offering the anime series online. The site will continue streaming into the anime’s second season.

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