Nanbaka Anime To Be Featured In A Stage Play

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Nanbaka Anime
Nanbaka Anime

Anime fanatics will be so excited to find out that the Nanbaka anime will get its own stage play come fall. Its official website just announced that the play has been given the go signal to push through. It will be an adaptation of the anime, to think that Nanbaka itself is an adaptation of the original manga of Sho Futamata. More details can be expected in the coming days.

Nanbaka Anime

The anime series premiered in Japan in October and Crunchyroll is streaming it along with English subtitles. They are also offering the original manga online. Funimation is continuously dubbing the series while it airs in Japan. Crunchyroll will go on streaming season 2 without any breaks.

This is also known as Nanbaka-The Numbers. This Japanese manga series title is a play on words that combines the name of the prison. It’s the Japanese transcription of the word “number” plus the Japanese word “baka” for “idiot” or “fool” per


Funimation depicts the storyline like this: The plot is set in Nanba, the largest and most impenetrable prison on earth. Tucked away in cell block 13 are four prisoners providing too much trouble for Officer Hajime. Everything from gambling, attempted escapes, misdemeanor, etc.- they have done it. Jyugo attempted to escape prison, thus extending his jail time. Uno loves women and gambling in the same degree. Rock savors eating and fighting, and Nico is a former drug addict who adores anime. But these guys simply want to have fun. Nico, Rock, Uno, and Jyugo will do everything they can to make their time behind bars worth their while!

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The 13-episodes on season 1 aired on Japanese TV up until December. However, season 2 will have a different take as it would run on digital services weekly in Japan beginning with the Docomo Anime Store come Wednesday. The first episode of Nanbaka anime will be released on the anime’s official website absolutely free. Fans can also expect a great anime event this April per

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