N++ for the PS4: The Inspiration

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According to Metanet co-founder Mare Sheppard; the vibrant, bright, and geometric look of N++ was inspired by print based graphic design: bold, smooth blocks of color with crisp, sharp edges.

N++ is a sequel to the action game N+ where players navigate a very tiny ninja through a 2D world. With regards to the graphics on the PlayStation 4, Sheppard explained that Metanet wanted something that looked and felt different in comparison to other games. They were looking for something simple, yet refined. In order to achieve this, Metanet teamed up with graphic designer MASA. Metanet wanted to keep the graphics of the game reminiscent of N and N+ but taken to a whole new level.

Sheppard stated that visuals are key, saying: ?An important part of making a game feel right is visual effects, to make in-game events have more impact and to really ‘sell’ the simulated world?. She also added that: ?We wanted the effects in?N++?to look a bit different than the usual ‘bunch of alpha-blended particles;’ they had to work with our print-inspired style.?

The end result was a pared-down, clean style which looks as smooth as the game feels. Metanet is very happy with the end product, although they mentioned that MASA really pushed them out of their comfort zone and forced them to really think about what it is that they wanted.

It seems like the logo itself was the hardest to get right. According to Sheppard, for N+, they simply used the same pixel font as they had with N but this time, they wanted to try something different, something that would be less square, more dynamic, and vaguely techno-futuristic. The end product is what you see below, a design that is, according to Metanet, a much more striking, intriguing, and evocative design.


N++ also features more color in comparison to the more neutral predecessors. The goal was to organize the game?s graphics in a way that creates a visual language that players can learn how to ?read?.

N++ was announced last August for the PlayStation 4. The game is set to launch this year, although there is no specific date yet.

Photo Source: PlayStation Blog

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